Art Expedition in Uganda

Art Expedition in Uganda

Over the course of the five day workshop students explored and engaged in a range of artistic expressions under the guidance of professional Ugandan artists.
They painting under the guidance of Godfrey BANADDA; learnt print making with Fred MUTEBI; learnt the art of bark cloth art and potatoe cut prints under Ivan YAKUZE drawing and had the very young ones dabbled with pastel and charcoals for a graphics course with Fred KISITO and Simon BANGA.

They experienced the nervous excitement of holding a paintbrush for the very first time, unbound joy at seeing their first prints and colourful images emerging from the canvases andmarvelled at their own talents....The artwork they created showcases the passions unleashed and dreams that were launched in the process.

The most rewarding was to hear how amazed the students were to see their own work and their enthusiasm to continue doing art. In particular, the interviews with some of the students highlights how deep an impact this experience had on them. We hope we will see them again in 2015!

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