Artpedition Uganda

Job Description

Our Art Expedition in Uganda was held at the Great Lakes High School in Kanungu in June, 2014,  with 7-16 years old students with no formal training or exposure to visual arts.
The ‘project was held in partnership with Ugandan charity CHIFCOD (co-founded by Dr. Rev. Hamlet Kabushenga Mbabazi) to further youth entrepreneurship and address the issue of very high graduate unemployment in Uganda. CHIFCOD runs four primary schools, the Great Lakes High School and a college for more than 1,500 deprived, troubled and homeless children. The project‘s objective is to create a Creative Arts Centre that will continue to serve to foster, develop and harness the creative talent of 10-18 year olds, bringing them the much needed skills, employment and apprenticeship opportunities in the visual arts & creative industries in Uganda & abroad.

With renowned Ugandan master painter and artists a series of workshops in painting, print making, graphics, bark cloth art were organised. Some of the works created were sold at an exhibition in London. Artworks can be purchased through the ArtBeez online shop. Please click the link to ArtBeez shop below to purchase the artwork or drop us a line if you are interested in purchasing other items exhibited on this website. Sales profits go towards financing the next workshop and training while a percentage will be given directly to the student artists.