Exhibition-Expressing Creativity through Art for the first time

In November 2014, the Hampstead School of Art hosted our first exhibtion with the launch of their new art gallery.  The exhibition showcased the passions unleashed and dreams launched as our talented children experienced the joy of creating art for the first time in their lives. We were delighted to have almost all of our sponsors attend the exhibition and support the project further by purchasing the beautiful, intuitive paintings, prints and bark cloth artwork. Among the buyers we were proud to have one of UK's top contemporary art collectors, Chris Ingram. Mr. Ingram who supports young people's creativity through his collection hosted at the Lightbox in Woking,  bought three major pieces. Everyone who saw the works was amazed at the high artistic quality of the art produced by the children despite it being the first time they help a paintbrush or chisel in their hands!

"One of the things that struck me when I was working out there was the childrens' remarkable ability to express their creativity through any opportunity they were given. I remember one child saying, when I asked him if he knew what paint was, 'it's what they use to make buses have a colour'.... They had no concept of painting in its artistic sense."

Julia Challender, Trustee of CHIFCOD

We sold 30% of the works generating £3,300 in total. We are in the process of organising yet another exhibtion with the rest of the paintings and prints in 2015 to enable us to spare funds towards the next expedition and continue  supporting the bright and talented children at the schools of our Ugandan charity partner CHIFCOD. If you are interested in any one of the original unsold works showing on this site under Our Works, drop us a line and we can arrange a sale/delivery promptly. Alternatively, you can buy digital downloads and merchandise featuring the artworks through our online shop : www.artbeez.com

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MoniMoni May 05, 2014

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