Jasper Ampumuza

Job Description

Jasper Ampumuza is a Year 8 student at the Great Lakes High School in Kanungu district of Uganda, The school is run by a Ugandan non-profit organisation called CHIFCOD, whose founder Rev. Hamlet Mbabazi is a visionary educator on a mission to help the young disadvantaged, poor and unemployed youth of his country.

From the moment Jasper was given the short course in how to use the paintbrush and mix paints by the artist Godfrey Banadda, he did not hestitate to launch himself into this brand new world. His confidence and composed demeanour at tackling the canvases was astonishing, reminiscent of a mature artist. Seeing the natural ease with which he transformed into an artist, he was given the more challenging larger canvases to paint. He produced three big paintings shown here. Seeing his natural talent, we believe that if Jasper is given the right exposure and training support, he could be a world class artist.

All of them are for sale. Please contact us if you are interested in buying his art.