Painting Workshop

Job Description

Children at the Great Lakes High School, Kirima Parents Primary School and Nyamirama Primarty School had the privilege to get their first painting lesson from one of the best Ugandan contemporary artists, Godfrey Banadda.

Banadda is the second generation modern artist, poetic thinker, writer. Graduate of the Makerere School of Fine Art. His works are in prestiguous collections worldwide. Known to manifest poetry through brushstrokes, the themes in his works focus on the mysteries of nature and culture as he draws out his own interpretations of their deeply hidden meanings. They dissolve the lines between abstract and figurative by entwined philosophy.

He is also the head of painting at the Makerere University Fine Art School, East Africa’s most prestigious art institution. inspiring the next generation of ugandan artists. His research interests include Painting approaches and Techniques, Art Symbolism, Visual Intelligence.