Print Making Workshop

Job Description

Children had the unique privilege to get their first print making lesson from the master printmaker Fred Mutebi. Fred’s mastery of the primitive art of woodcut printmaking has earned him global acclaim and recognition. His artwork has been featured in exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Japan, and the United States.

As a starter course, children learnt print making using linoleum pads and water based inks. They learnt how to chisel their design and create multiple layers with each layer adding more detail and different colour. They were ecstatic to see their first print being revealed as the pads were lifted. They created intricate prints showing a natural skill in chiseling linoleum with an ease that perhaps comes with their use of tools from an early age. Very quickly they were fully engaged and experimented with various colour mixes to create a spectacular array of prints. When asked to make ‘self-portraits’ they were very shy and instead chose to make portraits of their friends !

Prints can be purchased through the ArtBeez shop by clicking the link below. Please contact us if you are interested to purchase framed prints as shown.